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Medical Aesthetics is a burgeoning field. These aestheticians provide products, services, procedures and consultations to improve the appearance of and/or maintain the health of their patient’s skin. The job prospects for well-trained medical aestheticians is a bright one.

An Aging Population and the Need for Experts in Beauty and Health

Baby boomers, now making up the largest age demographic, are concerned about aging and refuse to accept that chronic health complaints and physical limitations of aging need be their fate as so often seen in past generations. Baby boomers expect to live longer with a high quality of life. And they are prepared to spend significant surplus income to achieve these health goals.

Because of Canada’s aging demographic, increasing work and family stresses and a struggling health care system, the spa and aesthetics industries are the two fastest growing services in Canada. As of March 2006, Canada supported 2100 spas that employed about 25,900 people. In 2012, estimated market size of the health and wellness sector was $735 million in Canada. In fact, the average annual personal expenditure on health and wellness per household in Canada during that same year was $935. Present trends indicate this growth will continue.

Annual Salary of Medical Aestheticians

As of January 30, 2018, the mean annual salary in Canada of a medical aesthetician is $43,171. Their salary ranges between $43,171 and $54,887 not including bonuses and benefits. Salary level is primarily determined by experience and number of certifications.

The Role of a Medical Aesthetician

Medical aestheticians consult with clients on their skin care needs. They examine a patient’s skin and recommend a care regimen and products suitable for their problem. They may provide pre- and post-operative skin care. Acne and surgical scars are a reality for many after treatment and these aestheticians can help patients reduce the appearance of acne scarring or surgical scars. As well, they can be involved in managing the effects of diseases on skin conditions such as rashes or other outbreaks. Finally, with an aging population, medical aestheticians are well-versed in techniques to reduce the signs of skin aging.

Specific Services Provided by Medical Aestheticians

Medical aestheticians are experts in advanced skin treatments. Services provided include but are not limited to:

Aesthetic Services

Where Do Medical Aestheticians Work?

The primary focus of medical aestheticians is the ongoing healthcare and medial treatment of skin. Thus, they are employed in a number of primary healthcare sectors as well as by other wellness providers:

  • Hospitals
  • Medical practices
  • Plastic surgery offices
  • Dermatology clinics
  • Spas and salons

Medical aestheticians provide secondary services related to those provided by a primary healthcare provider. The hiring of a medical aesthetician by the primary healthcare sector is a powerful means to attract and keep clientele by offering services above and beyond the primary care.

In 2015, world-wide spending in the global wellness industry surpassed 3.7 trillion US dollars. The wellness industry is a hot job market including opportunities for employment in Medical Aesthetics. Jessica Leeder, in an article she wrote for the Globe and Mail, published in 2016, states,

“The spa industry, in the midst of a global boom and beset by staff shortages, is clamouring for talent.”

Are you a people person? Are you inspired by products and services that improve and maintain skin health? A job in the expanding field of Medical Aesthetics would be a great fit for your personality.

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